Kiyota joins his master's group and goes to Lithuania for a demonstration!

For the second time, the Kawachi Ichi-mon Kai (Mukansa smith Kawachi Kunihira’s direct group of apprentices, including Kiyota) went to Lithuania this summer.

This time, the group was part of a series of events on the general theme of japanese arts, along with traditional dance accompanied by koto and shamisen players, a bonsai exhibition, and traditional swordsmithing.

Over 10 000 people attended the events during the whole duration. The forge was set in front of the main hall where the dance show was performed.

A Kawachi Ichi-mon Kai sword display was even organized.

Kiyota holding sword ready to be quench-hardened, Lithuania 2007©2007 Masahiko Miyata, M2Photo

©2007 Masahiko Miyata, M2Photo

Kawachi Kunihira, Kiyota Jirokunietsu, and Isamu Yamamoto (shamisen player) Lithuania 2007

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