Book: Introduction to Japanese Swords through pictures

Introduction to Japanese Swords through pictures.

Reference work on etiquette, appraisal, maintenance,
and mostly the presentation of Japanese swords

L’étiquette des sabres

Sageo (scabbard cord) tying according to various schools / Maintenance / Appraisal

By the Zen Nippon Tosho Kai
(All Japan Swordsmith Association)
English and Japanese – 48 pages – ISBN: 4990231627

Bilingual book published almost privately (5000 copies) by the All Japan Swordsmith Association. The book aims at informing the reader on matters such as etiquette when manipulating a Japanese sword. It includes 6 sageo tying methods detailed with images, the various types of koshirae (fittings), types of lacquers, cords, the maintenance, appraisal, as well as an overview of the making.

It’s the ideal reference book for Iaido and other Japanese sword amateurs: brief, concise, filled with info and some texts.

This book is available through Japanese sword dealers (¥1500).