Exhibition catalogue: Masamune and his lineage

Exhibition catalogue
« Masamune and his lineage »
held at the Sano Art Museum, 2002
by the Sano Art Museum
Japanese – 183 pages – ISBN: 4915857549

This catalogue is now very well known for the quality of its photographs, printing, paper, and the swords presented.

This book has been out of print ever since the exhibition was held – limited availability.

Masamune is known as the greatest Japanese swordsmith of all times. His lineage (ancestors and heirs) are also very well known. In 2002, the Sano Art Museum of Nagoya, Japan, prepared an exhibition of this school with aim of underligning its brilliance and try to explain the reputation.

This book constitutes an excellent source of studies. It can be used with the observations written by the American polisher Bob Benson, when he visited the exhibition in 2002: follow this link to obtain the commentary.